Club Events

Big Events:

  • May 6th – Big Brew Day!
  • August 27th – Brew Bus Tour
  • Christmas Party


Upcoming Events:

  • August 27th – Brew Bus Tour
  • Christmas Party – Date Pending

Check out our Club Calendar for more events as well as our regular meeting times.

Monthly Style Competitions:

Check out the Competition Corner for more details around the changes being made to the monthly competitions. Below are the styles we’ll be brewing for the rest of the year.

  • March – Irish Red [15A]
  • April – Kolsch [5B]
  • May – Pilsner
  • June – Double IPA [22A]
  • July – Cream Ale [1C]
  • August – Weissbier [10A]
  • September – Oktober Fest [6A]
  • October – Spice, Herb & Veggie
  • November – British Bitter

We’ll be using the 2015 BJCP guidelines this year.


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