Competition Corner

February Winners (Stout)

  1.   John C.
  2.   Ben M.
  3.   Bryan D.

Brewer of the Year Standings (Top 5)

  1. John C. (6 pts)
  2. Alex O.  (2 pts)
  3. Bryan D. (2 pts)
  4. Ben M. (2 pts)
  5. Brad W. (2 pts)


Welcome to the Competition Corner, everything you need to know to participate in TheBRiM’s monthly style competition.

The Process

Our process is pretty simple when it comes to our monthly brew competitions. We request that competitors and those signed up to judge arrive at 6:00pm sharp (we’ve moved it back a bit because the March judging took longer than expected – due to a good turnout of beers to judge)

Competitors: If you plan to enter a beer in one of our monthly competitions, please register on the following page so we have an idea of how many beers to expect for the competition.  This helps us schedule our time and plan the judging accordingly:

Competitor Registration Page

You will need to provide two (2) unmarked bottles per the monthly style – and any additional you might like to share with other members.  ** These beers must be dropped off at the Vine n Hop Shop no later than 5:00 pm the day of the brew club meeting.  **

For the 2018 calendar, we’re have lined up the competition as shown below.    All styles judged the the 2015 BJCP Style Guidelines:

  • January- Brown Ale
  • February – Stout
  • March – Irish Red
  • April – Kolsch
  • May – Belgian Double & Tripels
  • June – IPA
  • July – California Common
  • August – Weisse
  • Sept – Oktoberfest / Marzen
  • Oct – Scottish Ale
  • Nov – Porters


Judges: This year we will have a pre-sign up for judges. We’ll be sending out regular emails to the club allowing for people to volunteer for judging, or you can sign up now by using the link below.   Experience isn’t needed however you’ll need to do your home work and come prepared to judge the style for that month.

Each beer will be served to you by our competition coordinator and you will score the beer appropriately including comments.

Judge Registration Page

Competition Results: The feedback will be posted on the website for your viewing. The competition coordinator will tally the scores up and summarize the judge’s comments.

The Rules!

For 2018 we will be awarding  points and rewards for members only!


If you’re not a member, you’re still welcome to participate in the monthly competitions. The caveat: you wont receive points for participation or placement in the competition. You’ll still get the judges score / feedback to help refine your process. If you’re not a member and wish to join, if you pay your dues by the following meeting your points will be saved and entered into the system.


All members participating in the competition will be given 1-point for simply participating. First place will be awarded an additional 2-points. Second & Third places will be awarded an additional 1-point.  (At least four entries must be present in order for Third place to receive additional points.)


Judges will be volunteers from the club that will need to sign up ahead of time by responding to the Call For Judges email we send out.  We’ll be looking to have 4-people judging each competition. Judges will need to have done their homework prior to attending the meeting, this means they have read the guidelines on the style and familiarized themselves the style both academically and by tasting various examples.


The brewer with the most points will be crowned Home Brewer of the Year and will be allowed to brew a recipe of their own on the pilot system at the Jolly Scholar. We’re also working on a trophy or a mug, those details are pending.


In order to win home brewer or the year, you’ll need to be a member (naturally), have the most points, and have judged at least one (1) competition throughout the year.